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Camp Settoga engages children through experiences that help build, support, and reinforce a positive personal identity, strong peer relationships, quality skill development in both athletics and the arts, and a powerful sense of community responsibility, while enabling campers and their parents to forge into meaningful Jewish life.

We celebrate Jewish life in vibrant, upbeat and energetic ways all summer long! Each week features a theme grounded in our core values. Our Values Squad works with camp staff and specialists to integrate these themes into all of our programs and activities. Each Friday, we have special Shabbat celebrations, in which bunks lead songs and stories to share their experiences from the week. Our campers bake challah over the campfire, talk about the week coming to a close, and discuss their hopes for the week ahead, truly immersing the camp in the spirit of Shabbat!

In 2018, we focused on the following values:

Self Confidence

Individual Growth + Development

At camp, we want our campers and staff alike to try new activities, pushing themselves to reach that next level in swim, or climbing higher than before on the challenge course. We want to make sure the person who comes into the camp on day one is not the exact same as the person who leaves camp on the last day. We hope the members of the Settoga community, through our programming and through conversation and exploration, will grow and develop throughout the summer.


Everyone involved with Camp Settoga is part of our camp community! During the summer, campers, parents and staff will build their group community, build the camp community, and realize they are all key players in the Jewish community as well. Nearly all camp activities will bring us together as a supportive, loving camp family. This community will be celebrated throughout the summer!

Wonder + Gratitude

During the summer, we will take full advantage of being out in nature and appreciating all that we have, both in camp and at home. Campers will be provided ample opportunity to raise questions about the world around them and do their part to improve it. Campers and staff will also learn the importance of expressing gratitude and the effective ways to show their thankfulness.


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