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Our creative and fine arts programs encourage self-expression, imagination, and open-ended exploration of new and familiar materials. Supervised by experienced childhood educators, our campers engage with materials and experiences through an “out of the box” approach. From painting and collage to cooking and photography, Settoga offers countless opportunities for campers to engage with the arts. We also regularly incorporate into our programs the rich variety of natural materials that can be found around camp itself.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

We use the earth's natural materials as our canvas and inspiration. Our 21-acre campground provides an endless resource of natural art materials such as bark, leaves, and twigs that we use to paint, sculpt, and draw. We also encourage campers to take a painting easel or sketch pad outside to further explore their creativity and sense of expression and discovery. This inherent connection to our natural setting helps to create a deeper connection for our camper, as well as provide an organic introduction to the arts for those campers who do not typically gravitate to this area in their lives outside of camp.


During music, our camp song leader energetically teaches campers new songs and melodies while also encouraging them to explore new musical instruments. Every Friday, we sing these songs together as a camp community to further explore playful musical expression and togetherness.



During drama, campers play theater games, improvise, and participate in acting skits. While there are no staged productions at Camp Settoga, campers have the opportunity to share their own songs, cheers, or dances at the end of the week during our campwide Shabbat gatherings.


Energetic party games like Freeze Dance and Follow the Leader are facilitated by specialists during our dance periods. Special Israeli dances are also taught during this time and are performed frequently during our campwide Shabbat gatherings and Flagpole celebrations. Choreographed dances are taught to campers who wish to explore dance further during our elective periods.


Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Arts program offers children a chance to learn new skills, taste new foods, and experience true farm-to-table cooking, as many of our ingredients are sourced right from Settoga’s vegetable garden. Our industrial kitchen serves as the perfect place for campers to sauté, marinate, chop, and blend. We also love taking our culinary experiences outdoors and using our campfire as nature’s very own oven

Dynamite Settoga Recipes

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