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Camp Settoga


six-year JCC camper

Rubi, Age 9

"It's so big and so green and you really have space to run around. You just have the time of your life."
Mother of One Camper

debi D.

"My daughter teaches all her friends (and me) the Settoga cheer—she sings all the new songs she's learned at home—and her progress in swimming is incredible. She made many new friends, and I think the experience will make starting a new school in September much easier to navigate."
Head Counselor


"Last summer reminded me of what a special place camp can be. Settoga fosters an inclusive environment of exploration, growth, and fun that's hard to find. Reliving the joy of camp, and helping my campers discover and create unique memories of their own, is something I wouldn't trade for anything."
father of two campers

Jonas R.

"My shy little 6-year-old just shined at Settoga. He laughed and told stories and made friends and seriously learned how to swim. He gained so much self-confidence and maturity—and we have your camp to thank for it."
mother of two campers

Carolyn M.

"M's confidence soars while he is there, and he carries that feeling with him all year. Camp brings out the best in him."


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